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Perfect for any horse riding enthusiast

At Hall Place Equestrian Centre we can offer riders young and old an incredible selection of horses, facilities and more for you to enjoy a fantastic day of riding.


We're delighted and proud to have Patrick Print as a consultant and chief instructor, who as well as being a holder of the Fellowship of the British Horse Society, the highest teaching qualification, but is also a chief examiner, leading a highly motivated and qualified team of instructors and support staff here at Hall Place Equestrian Centre.

What we have available

We have an incredible range of horses for you to love and enjoy, from experienced riders to beginners, with tuition and training available.


Based in Reading we can also offer quality livery services, and we even have horses for sale at realistic prices. We truly are a riding school that can offer it all.

Our Riding School offers

•  Amazing Facilities

•  HOOF Initiative

•  Centell Saddlery

•  The Granary Tea Room

•  And much more

Show Dates & Competitions

Hall Place Equestrian Centre also puts on amazing and fun competitions for you expert riders who like to test themselves, with show dates available all year round, from dressage to show jumping.


For more information on any of our services, contact us today and our friendly team will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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