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Show Jumping

Competitor Information

Rules & Conditions of Entry

1. Entry to HallPlace Equestrian Centre assumes acceptance of the  Show's rules and conditions;

2. No liability will be accepted by the organisers or proprietors for any loss, damage or accident to horses, spectators, competitors or property, however caused;

3. The committee reserve the right to alter or cancel classes if necessary. Also to refuse entry if classes are full.

4. Refunds will only be given on production of Doctor's / Vet's certficates.

5. Correct riding attire must be work when competing. Riding hats must be worn when mounted and riding hats conforming to PAS 015 or above MUST be worn for all Show Jumping.

6. Hall Place EC is a NO SMOKING establishment.

7. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times.

8. Competitors numbers must be clearly visible.

9. Two refusals on the course results in elimination.

10. Wrong course results in elimination.

11. Riders sustaining a fall automatically retire.

12. The Judge's decision will be final. Any objections must be made within half an hour of the class results, with a deposit of £20. The deposit will only be returned if the objection is upheld.


Please help us keep our premises tidy by not mucking out vehicles into the parking area. We do not mind if you use our muck heap!