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Cross Country

Competitor Information

Rules and Conditions of Entry

1) Entry to Hall Place Equestrian Centre assumes acceptance of the Show's rules and conditions;

2) No liability will be accepted by the organisers or proprietors for any loss, damage or accident to horses, spectators, competitors or property, however caused.

3) All competitors must wear hats without fixed peaks conforming to PAS015 and above. Correct riding wear and body protectors MUST be worn.

4) Competitors numbers must be clearly visible.

5) The Judge’s decision is FINAL in all cases. Any objections must be made within half an hour of the class results with a deposit of £20. The deposit will only be returned if the objection is upheld.

6) Spectators must not cause any obstruction to competitors or give assistance.

7) Riders must give way to an overtaking competitor.

8) Wrong course results in elimination.

9) Unseated riders anywhere on the course results in elimination.

10) Refusal at any fence incurs 20 penalties.

11) If a competitor is eliminated or wishes to retire, they must leave the corse in walk and not impede the progress of others. THEY ARE NOT PERMITTED TO PROCEED.

12) Take particular notice of course flags as courses are changed. Keep RED to your right and WHITE to your left.

13) Three refusals at the same fence results in elimination.

14) Please do not use umbrellas on the course.

15) Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

16) Please walk the courses carefully as the woodland jumps at speed can be confusing.

17) Withdrawals up to the closing date – No penalty. Withdrawal after the closing date must be accompanied by a Vet /Medical certificate.

18) Hall Place Equestrian Centre reserves the right to refuse entries.

19) Hall Place Equestrian Centre is a NO SMOKING establishment.